What is Sashimi?

Have you ever tasted sashimi before? At the Old Village Seattle Korean restaurant, you can try this classic dish in the form of our skate sashimi sampler and our skate sashimi cold noodles. It consists of thin slices of skate meat, served raw. Many people consider this to be a delicious delicacy, and will often partake of it on special occasions.

The word “sashimi” is of Japanese origin. It is similar in many ways to the more well-known sushi, in the sense that both generally feature raw fish meat. However, there is a significant difference between the two dishes in that sushi must always be made with sushi-style rice, while sashimi is often eaten by itself. Further, sushi can even be made with cooked fish or with no fish at all, while sashimi cannot. Try out this unique taste sensation for yourself at Old Village today!