Children’s Day

In the United States, we’re all accustomed to celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. In Korea, however, there is yet another day devoted to the younger members of the family. It is for this reason that, to our Seattle Korean restaurant, the fifth of May is Children’s Day.

This tradition traces its origins to Bang Jeong-hwan, a children’s book writer who called upon adults to treat children with respect. In an “Open Letter to Adults”, he states that “Children who grow up with the ridicule and contempt of others will become adults who disrespect others, while children who grow up with the respect of others will become adults who respect others in turn.”

It is thusly that Children’s Day has been designated as a national holiday. On this day, parents will give their children gifts and take them on outings to amusement parks, zoos, movies, and whatever else might grab their fancy. Consider doing something special for the children in your own life this year, and take them for a real Korean meal at Old Village Korean BBQ!