Seoul: the Heart of Korea

We at Old Village maintain strong ties to our native country. Indeed, our Seattle Korean restaurant would never be here without the strong foundation of culture and tradition that is South Korea. And the heart and soul of this foundation is none other than Korea’s magnificent Seoul.

The word “seoul” translates quite simply to “capital city”. The most significant city in Korea and one of the largest cities in the world, this dizzying metropolis is the home of roughly half of the country’s population. It is here that you can experience a magnificent blend of the natural world, the ancient world, and the wonders of the modern day all in a single horizon; stand within the walls of an authentic palace or temple to look out into the high-tech skyscrapers without, a wreath of unspoiled mountains framing the entire picture with rugged splendor. This is the magic of Seoul, and the spirit that goes into the dining experience at Old Village!