How Do You Deep-Fry Ice Cream?

Looking for a bit of dessert to follow your meal at our Seattle Korean restaurant? Tempura ice cream is a curious little novelty that many enjoy. An invention of the Japanese, this dish is exactly what it sounds like: balls of ice cream that have been battered and fried in oil.

So, how does one go about frying ice cream? Obviously, the frozen nature of the ice cream does not mesh too naturally with scalding hot oils. This is why the ice cream that is to be fried needs to be extremely cold prior to being battered and cooked. The frying medium itself needs to be particularly hot as well, and can only fry the ice cream for roughly thirty seconds to avoid melting it and destroying the final product. When this balance is achieved properly, you have a dessert with a warm, crispy shell and a cool, pleasingly soft interior. Try it for yourself at Old Village!