The Versatile Mandu

The Asian-style dumpling is a classic and ancient dish. They were first introduced to Korea as far back as the 14th century by Mongol nomads, and have since been a large part of the Korean dining experience. Today, Koreans call their dumplings “mandu”, and you can try several varieties of this highly versatile food at our Seattle Korean restaurant.

A far cry from what we in the West call a “dumpling”, mandu resemble a large, stuffed noodle, very similar to the Japanese “gyoza”. These dumplings vary greatly both in what they are filled with and how they are prepared. There are mandu stuffed with meat, mandu stuffed with vegetables, and of course the “kimchi mandu” stuffed with Korea’s signature food. Mandu are often enjoyed fried (“gunmandu”), steamed (“jjinmandu”), or in a soup. Try them all three ways at the Old Village Korean Restaurant!