The Fish vs. Flax Debate

In our increasingly health-obsessed world, people are looking to foods like fish and flax to give them the omega-3 that they need. Naturally, fish are the favored source here at our Seattle Korean restaurant. Not only is fish a more delicious way to get your omega-3, but there are also important nutritional implications that bear mention.

The big distinction between the omega-3 that comes from seafood and the fatty acids provided by flax and other plant-related sources is that seafood contains EPA and DHA fatty acids, while flax contains ALA fatty acids. EPA and DHA are the types of omega-3 that your body needs, and ALA is only valuable in that it can be converted by your body into EPA and DHA. The omega-3 found in flax is therefore less readily available, and requires your body to do more work before it can properly benefit from it.

Further, there has been some evidence that flax may be a risk factor for prostate cancer. This information is inconclusive, and further research is required, but men may wish to favor seafood as a source of omega-3 until more information is available. Until such a time, you can get your fatty acids at Old Village.