Korea’s Favorite Onion

The green onion is an unassuming little vegetable. It’s generally content to hang around in the background of many dishes, including much of what you find at our Seattle Korean restaurant, rarely ever drawing notice to itself. In case you’ve ever paid them any thought, though, it’s worth noting the many health benefits that the green onion offers.

A typical vegetable, the green onion is low in calories and features no fat or cholesterol. A single stalk of the plant offers ten percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A, nine percent of your vitamin C, and a touch of calcium and iron.

Green onions also contain organosulfur compounds. These compounds are good for preventing the decline of your cartilage as you age. A diet rich on organosulfur compounds can therefore help you avoid osteoarthritis, a painful condition associated with the atrophy of cartilage in the joints.

Quercetin, a valuable flavonoid found in green onions, is a valuable part of a healthy body. Not only does it neutralize free radicals to keep them from harming your DNA and bringing about deadly cancerous cells, but it also appears to protect the heart from the dangerous effects of cholesterol.

You can find green onions all over in Korean food. It’s mixed into the kimchi, baked into the pa-jeon, sprinkled atop bibimbaps and bulgogi and boiled into all sorts of soups and stews. Come and get a little bit more of this valuable vegetable today at the Old Village Korean Restaurant!