Don’t Be Afraid of Shrimp!

Our Seattle Korean restaurant is your source of everyone’s favorite crustaceans, be it in one of our hot pots, one of our tempuras, or a good old-fashioned Korean barbecue dish. However, you might have heard that these curly little morsels may not be your heart’s best friend, that perhaps their cholesterol level is surprisingly high for an ocean-based food. Have no fear, though, for we have good news for cautious shrimp fans.

One important thing to understand is that there are two kinds of cholesterol: LDL cholesterol, that creates a deadly plaque inside your blood vessels, and HDL cholesterol, which actyally cleans out LDL cholesterol. While shrimp do indeed feature a high cholesterol-to-mass ratio, and they have been shown to raise the level of LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream, it has also been observed that they raise the level of HDL cholesterol even more. Researchers agreed that this adds up to a favorable ratio of good vs. bad cholesterol for those with a shrimp-rich diet.

Meanwhile, shrimp is also providing a solid serving of vitamins, omega-3, selenium, zinc, and other vital nutrients. So come on down to Old Village, and don’t be afraid to dig into some shrimp!