Bossam: A Taste of Family Love

Of all of the appetizers at our Seattle Korean restaurant, it would be hardest to beat the experience that is our Korean herb pork sampler. This dish, known as bossam in Korea, consists of thin pieces of pork steamed to perfection and served with a variety of seasonings and vegetable leaves. You eat the bossam by wrapping the pork in a leaf of lettuce or kimchi, usually with a dab of ssamjang sauce or other herbal ingredients. The result is something succulent and flavorful, and a big-time favorite to many Koreans and foreigners alike.

For a long time, bossam has been associated with the Korean tradition of gimjang. This is the process by which a family prepares large amounts of kimchi to be fermented over the winter. Not only does the dish go well with kimchi, but its high nutrient content makes it ideal for households weathering a long cold season. Bossam is therefore said to be cooked with familial love, and serves as a symbol of the bond that exists between a housewife and her family.